Cerimonia / Cerimony

The wedding will be celebrated at the townhall of Verdello. Il matrimonio sara’ celebrato presso il Municipio di Verdello.
Friday 15th July 2011 hr. 5.00 PM Venerdi’ 15 Luglio 2011. Hr. 17.00.
Municipio di Verdello
Via Cavour 23/a
24049 – Verdello (BG)

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4 thoughts on “Cerimonia / Cerimony

  1. Jeanette

    Congratulations on your big day!
    I have been thinking about you today 🙂
    I is wonderful that Keith is giving you away, I can image he is deeply honored to do so.
    I also image you are a BEAUTIFUL bride!!
    I hope you will not be a “mara” to your husbond, hehe.
    Love Jeanette

  2. Mara Post author

    Thank you Jeanette. It was exciting to have Keith and AnnMarie here! We all had a great time. Miss you at the wedding. Love,


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