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Honey Moon – part 1

While we are gathering all the pictures from the wedding – thank you so much to all the people who took pictures (there are lots of them) and shared them with us -, I’ll start to share pictures from our honey moon with some small commentary. (It is easier for me to post and comment in English. Possibly, later on, I’ll add the Italian translation. Fabri’s posts will be in Italian. Possibly, later on, I’ll add the English translation).

We landed in Calgary on 19th July at 9:00 PM, so it was actually on the next day that we set off to visit & discover the city. What impressed us the most is that in Calgary there are lots of parks, also in the downtown office-busy area of the city.

This park below was right next to our hotel and I liked the statues playing in a circle. You can tell how tall these figures are by looking the cars parked in the background)








The Olympic park:








A park by 8th Avenue, with waterfalls.





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