Honey Moon – part 1

While we are gathering all the pictures from the wedding – thank you so much to all the people who took pictures (there are lots of them) and shared them with us -, I’ll start to share pictures from our honey moon with some small commentary. (It is easier for me to post and comment in English. Possibly, later on, I’ll add the Italian translation. Fabri’s posts will be in Italian. Possibly, later on, I’ll add the English translation).

We landed in Calgary on 19th July at 9:00 PM, so it was actually on the next day that we set off to visit & discover the city. What impressed us the most is that in Calgary there are lots of parks, also in the downtown office-busy area of the city.

This park below was right next to our hotel and I liked the statues playing in a circle. You can tell how tall these figures are by looking the cars parked in the background)








The Olympic park:








A park by 8th Avenue, with waterfalls.






We went up the Calgary tower (190 Meters of height).

The downtown area where are the offices and malls are located:







This is the skyline of Calgary from Prince’s Island Park. And a ladybug landed on Fabri – lucky man!


The next day we rented a tandem bicycle to go throught the parks and sites…
A tandem is a lot of fun but requires a lot of communication between the two riders. I was sitting in the back and Fabri had to advise me about his intentions to turn (the front driver is the only one who can steer the bicycle) or of any bump that was coming up so that I could be ready for it…

We saw a very long train with tons of containers. We also saw a squirrel which was very difficult to take pictures of.







The following day we picked up the rental car, and got a REALLY NICE car (the rental company gave us a free upgrade as the small car we had booked was not available).

So we hit the road towards the parks of Banff and Jasper.

NOTE: There tourism offices in the places we visited were well organized and provided us with many useful information / maps / suggestions!

First stop was LAKE LOUISE, as the sign says: “Deep, cold, and beautiful”. If you can see it, I am actually wearing 2 sweatshirts. I can guarantee it was cold and beautiful. I didn’t test the depth of the lake, though..

This picture of Fabri touching the water is one of my favorite! He has tested the temperature of all the lakes / rivers / body of water that we have been to.

Lake Louise is formed from a glacier, hence the color of the water which is between grey and light blue.

Our hiking then started. We saw more squirrels, touched some snow, went through clouds, and got caught in the rain.

The squirrels are very much used to tourists and will pose for them to be rewarded with nuts or raisins.






Our so much enjoyed Tea and Chocolate break at the Tea house.

It was raining outside.

But that didn’t stop us.. We went around the lake Agnes, then up and over to the other side of the mountain.

Going higher and  into the clouds but at least the rain was getting lighter .

We then saw the rainbow on Lake Louise and other beautiful views.


This below is the delta from the glacier that meets Lake Louise. On the end of the lake there is the Castle of Lake Louise (a big luxury hotel and reception hall).

The image below that show the route of our hike – we actually could not go all the way up to the Plain of Six Glaciers (far west part of the trail) because the road was forbidden at present time, so our loop was just a little shorter .

(image source)


We drove to Banff and had American style Pizza for dinner in a sports bar. Fabri discovered his love for sports bar – he could watch different sports on many TVs located in the premises.

The following day we were back on the road again …
… next post coming up soon.


2 thoughts on “Honey Moon – part 1

  1. Jonathan (in Germany)

    That blue/grey lake looks AMAZING! I too have to touch the lakes/rivers we see (and occasionally taste the water as well).

    When you come to Denver, we’ll take you to a couple of great sports bars and do a microbrewery tour in Denver and Fort Collins.

    Thank-you again for all the wonderful times we have gotten to spend with you both in the past few weeks (before the wedding and after your return from your honeymoon). It has been an amazing and wonderful time, and your hospitality has been wonderful. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

    1. Mara Post author

      Thank you so much for your comments. We also liked a lot the time spent with you and it was really nice to have you around in that busy/crazy time of our life – you were so great to put up with all.

      We sure would love to visit you in Colorado!


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